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dr maeve jensen

RN, BSN, Certified Nurse Injector

Maeve Jensen

True beauty is found within but sometimes we need a little something extra on the outside, too. For all the physical attributes that make you feel less than stunning, I'm your beauty Maven! I offer state of the art medical grade procedures performed by licensed medical professionals. Beyond Botox, HydaFacials, filler, IV treatments for health, beauty and fat burning, and so much more, we provide a welcoming and professional aesthetic.

My passion is giving women (and men!) the confidence to shed their insecurities about their outward appearance and embrace the beauty they carry within. So, check any shame and self doubt at the door; Maeve, your beauty mavenhas you covered!

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Heather Breck

Advanced Practice Esthetician
ryan hoyme

Ryan Hoyme

Board Certified Massage Therapist


Wow...Maeve is wonderful. She is professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and provides amazing results with her procedures and treatments. She was reassuring with my questions and concerns making me feel comfortable and well informed. Maeve gives good insight and options with treatments to fit your needs and budget. And the best part is I feel better and look better after I see her. Thank you for all your help Maeve. I wilp definitely be back and would recommend Maeve to any of my friends.

- Katherine Brown

Hands down had a great experience with Ryan (Massage). Very knowledgeable and will Find your Pain & Help his best to solve it.

- Michael Thom

I was elated to learn that we had a certified botox injector in town and when I heard she did Hydrafacials - which I've been wanting to try for years now - I'm like YAS.  I tried BOTH and I feel like my skin looks fantastic.  I'm 41 and it was JUST what my skin needed.  I will be back for more services for SURE.

- Jessica Hosper

Best med spa experience I've ever had! Maeven Aesthetics gave me the big blue eyes I always wanted with an eyebrow lift and I got to say goodbye to my crow's feet too. Feeling so young and fresh! Maeve is so knowledgeable and takes the time to make thoughtful suggestions. I've also loved and benefited from the hydrafacial and look forward to more services! Do your self a favor and make an appointment. :)

- Kelsey Widdel

I have been going to Maeve for about a year now for Botox/Dysport, and recently received my first Hydrafacial, which was incredible!!I have acne-prone skin with lots of dark spots and clogged pores, and I can see such a difference in texture and tone!Maeve did a great job of explaining the facial and talked me through the whole process - and I’ll definitely be going back to get them done regularly.

- Kara Reinhard